Where Should You Invest In Gold?

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gold and paper dollars

Where can you transfer your declining paper money into appreciating physical gold?

You should thank yourself for teaching you the importance of owning physical gold. I believe that owning physical gold today is a must in order to protect your financial future.

Whether you want to invest in gold as a hedge against inflation or because you do not believe that our financial system is sustainable, remember that gold has held it’s value for over 5000 years and is seen as the safest investment.

Physical gold will be a place to store your wealth outside of the financial system in a format that can’t disappear. So like I said, you should thank yourself for teaching you the importance of owning gold.

This is how I acquire physical gold

I have personally been investing in gold for around 10 years now and I feel like I’ve learned a lot over the years. What to look for in a gold bullion dealer and what to avoid.

I’ve been scammed before and the purpose of this article is to make sure that you do not get scammed when buying physical gold.

This page is not static and it can change over time. I’m constantly looking through the gold market to find the best and easiest ways for people to invest in gold. But as I said, below will be the ways that I invest in gold. I have tried all the companies that I will recommend below and have nothing but great experiences with them.

Every investor is different and the amount of money you have doesn’t matter

Just one last thing before we get into the actual places where you can acquire gold. It’s very important to know that every investor is different. Below I will try to show you different ways to invest in gold so that you can choose which one suits you the best.

One thing you always hear from people when they wan’t to invest in gold is: I do not have enough money. 

This was maybe true for 20 years ago when investing in gold was a rich mans game. Today is different though. It doesn’t matter if you have $100,000 or $100 to invest. If you really want to protect yourself with physical gold, then money will not be the issue.

If you think about it you’re not really buying anything when you invest in gold. Basically what you’re doing is transferring your declining paper money (dollars) for hard physical gold that is gaining value year after year.

Think of it like this: When you buy a jar of vitamins what do you have left when the month is over? Well, if you’ve taken your vitamins you have an empty jar, right? When you ”buy” gold you will still have the gold at the end of the month. And it will still be worth the same (probably even more) as when you ”bought” it.

This is why I’m saying that you do not buy gold. You transfer paper dollars to physical gold. 

People fleeing the dollar into physical gold

People today are transferring their declining paper dollars to physical gold at record speeds. Don’t be the last one!

You have just as much money after the transfer as you had before, but now it’s in an asset that has held it’s value for 5000 years and is going up in value every year. Compared to keeping your money in paper dollars that are declining in value every year. Seams like a smart trade to me. What do you think?

Okay Marcus, that’s it. Show me where I can get my hands on some physical gold!

Larger investments, $5000 and above

goldbroker-logoPurchasing gold is the same in a way as purchasing anything. The more you buy, the bigger discount you get. If you invest $100,000 into gold you will get more gold for your dollars than if you invest $1000. Make’s sense right?

When you buy a big pack of toilet paper for example the price per roll is less than if you bought a smaller pack. The reason why is because it is cheaper for the manufacturer to create one big pack than two smaller packs.

The same goes for gold. If you buy a big bar you will get more gold per dollar than if you buy a smaller bar.

The place where I go when I want to transfer a large sum of paper dollars to gold is Goldbroker.com

Goldbroker has been around since 2008 and is the most professional dealer that I have encountered so far in my gold career. When you are investing this much money into an asset you want the dealer to be as professional as possible right?

With Goldbroker you will get that. You will have a sea of options to choose from when dealing with Goldbroker and their security and support are amazing. You can store your gold bullion on high secure vaults with zero third party risk in either New York, Toronto, Zurich (Switzerland) or Singapore.

If you want to take delivery of your gold that is also possible and you can enjoy FREE shipping within the United States.

Read a full review of Goldbroker with everything you need to know

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Start a FREE Gold savings account

karatbars 1 gram gold cardsIf you want to invest less than $5000 then what do you do? You open a FREE gold savings account.

A gold savings account is almost the same as your regular bank account. But instead of having your bank account stuffed with paper ”funny-money” it will be stashed with hard physical gold.

How nice wouldn’t it be to be able to save in smaller denominations of gold with the help of an auto payment system? Every month you save X amount of dollars and transfer those dollars to physical gold. Your account will then be connected to a MasterCard and whenever you need to, you can sell your gold and transfer your money back to paper dollars.

Every place in the world that accepts MasterCard this would be an option for you. If you want to take delivery of your physical gold that is no problem.

This to me is one of the most exciting ways of getting into gold investing. Karatbars International let’s you save in 1 gram gold bars at the size of a credit card. Because you only invest (save) in 1 gram at a time there is no need for the argument that I do not have enough money to invest in gold. 

Simply open a FREE gold savings account and start transferring your declining paper dollars into currency graded LBMA gold bullion with 999.9% purity. This system is so simple to set up and the mission for Karatbars is to be able to put physical gold in the reach of everyone.

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Final Thoughts

With the help of the Internet it is just getting easier and easier to get a great price for your gold bullion with great support.

As I stated above I have personally tried out both of these options and I have nothing but great experiences with them.

The most important thing is that you need to feel comfortable when investing in precious metals. One of the top reasons for why you are considering gold as an investment is the protection and security from the current financial system. So you want to deal with a dealer that cares a lot about your protection and security.

If there is still nothing here that suits you please leave me a comment about your problems with the different ways to invest in gold that I’ve described and I will do my best to help find a way for you, just like I’ve helped lots of people before.

My personal opinion is that in today’s day and age there should be no reasons for why someone wouldn’t start investing in gold and silver if they want to. The argument of not having enough money isn’t as valid anymore because you can now invest in smaller denominations to get started.

gold keeps going higher

Gold is skyrocketing over the long term. Get on the gold train today. It’s only going higher from here.

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  1. Wow, Marcus. I never thought about investing in Gold before. Actually it’s only very recently, in my short 32 years on this planet, that I started to think about investments.

    I thought about shares, and properties, but I never once thought about physical gold as an investment.

    you have piqued my interest! Thanks for the informative post!!

    • Hi Natalie.

      I’m happy that I got your interest about gold investing. I’m not saying that you should ONLY invest in gold and not stocks and properties. But every healthy portfolio should contain at least 20% physical gold in my view.

      Hopefully you start to think more and more about investment. 32 is still very young and then you hopefully don’t have to work your whole live for someone else anymore.

      Being your own boss is the best 🙂


  2. It’s an excellent idea of how you can open up a savings account that will transfer over to its value in gold. This concept changes how you could look at currency and how the dollars get affected by inflation.

    I have a question about what do you think about the idea of organizations wanting to bring in the bitcoin to set the stage for the universal exchange of currency?

    • Hi Travis.

      I think the idea of bitcoins is amazing. Anything that is not our current financial system. I don’t know if it will be bitcoins or something else. But we will soon have a new financial system that is for sure.

      The current one we are on right now is not sustainable. I think most of us feel that there is something wrong in the economy right now. I mean we have had 0% interest rates since 2008 and we keep on going deeper and deeper into debt to solve a DEBT problem. Paying off your VISA with your MasterCard will not work in the long run.

      I hope to see a new, and better, financial system soon. Every financial system in history lasts around 40-50 years. We are 45 years into our current fiat system. It’s due to change.

      Unfortunately it wont change easily. It will come with massive pain and if your not protected financially (with gold or other form of value that’s outside of the financial system) you will get wiped out.



  3. Hi Marcus
    Really cool site! Thanks for the great advice here on gold investing. I have long been thinking about this as a great investment for capital gains. It sure performs better than real estate at the moment! You have given me some points here to consider. Not having enough money has long been my top reason for not going into a purchase of gold however you have just blown that excuse out of the water.
    Thanks for inspiring me!

    • Hi Chris and thanks for the comment.

      Yeah real estate feels a bit shaky right now I would agree. Feels like we are in a new bubble that is about to pop. And if the bubble pops when your owning real estate it’s not very fun.

      I suggest people have around 20% of their capital in physical gold for capital gains, as you said, a long with a bunch of other reasons. Check out my top 3 reasons for why you should save in gold.

      Yeah with Karatbars I don’t feel like the excuse of not having much money works anymore. Because for a few dollars a day you can start saving in gold every month which is money that YOU will still have. It’s savings, you haven’t spent it on anything but now it’s on gold instead of paper.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions about where to start with gold investing.




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