1. When you are young, it feels like retirement is something far removed, but it’s not. The time goes fast.
    So whether it is an IRA or a 401 K or gold, It’s all good. I thought I could retire comfortly with the money I had but it was only 1/2 of what I was used to live on. I retired in 2010 and now I’m thinking about going back to work.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • Hi Mijareze and thanks for the comment.

      I bet that time really does go fast for retirement. I have started to invest for my retirement since I was 18 years old. I do not believe that the government will be able to ”take care” of my generation when I get old.

      Unfortunately this is how inflation is screwing it up for retirees. It’s a lot more expensive to live today than it was just 10 years ago. And the prices for food and other necessities keep going up but your retirement fund is still the same.

      Purchase some gold for you retirement and you will be protected from the savages of inflation.

      I hope that you can stay retired. When you have worked your whole life you don’t want to get back to work after you’ve retired.

      Thanks again,


  2. Hi Marcus.

    This was a very detailed post about the rules. I have long been hearing from my friends dad that I should start to put physical gold in my IRA but never really understood what he meant.

    Now I got an idea of what he means. So what you’re saying is that you shouldn’t buy any gold if you can’t physiaclly hold it?

    • Hi Gomer and thanks for your comment.

      Glad that you understand what they are talking about now. I would definitely listen to your friends dads advice. Holding gold in your retirement savings is essential to be able to survive the coming economic tough times.

      If you’re buying the gold yourself then yes, you should definitely be holding it physically. But in an IRA you can’t hold the gold at home but you have to store it at a financial institution that’s approved by the IRS.

      It’s very important to have that storage as segregated storage. That means that there is a safety deposit box with your name on it where YOUR gold resides.

      You can otherwise have a non-segregated storage where you own a big pile of gold together with a lot of other people. Here you don’t really own any gold yourself.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Hi Marcus

    Its scary to think that you finally have come on retirement age and when you want to relax, your IRA is wiped clean as a result of a stock market crash.

    I believe in having a diversified portfolio, and I think that Buying gold is a step in the right direction.

    To be honest with you I have been delaying the idea and now after having read your article, I know more about what to do and ready to take action.

    I think I will start small and buy a little every 2nd or 3month.Do you think that’s a good idea?

    Also, going to check out the review Regal assets. They look like the guys that I would want to trust.

    Thank You


    • Hi Roopesh and thanks for your comment.

      Yes can you imagine the people that saved for their retirement their whole life and saw all that money disappear over night in 2008?

      Can’t imagine what a terrible feeling that must have been. And in the next stock market crash I believe that even more people will get wiped out.

      Gold and silver has always been seen as a safe haven in tough economic times.

      Feels great that this post opened up your eyes again to start investing in gold for your retirement. Like you say it should be a part of a well diversified portfolio. Maybe precious metals should be around 10-20% of your retirement savings.

      Maybe even more if you truly understand why gold is going up in price today.

      Yes I definitely that it would be a great idea to start putting a side some money into gold very 2nd or 3rd month. I would call up Regal Assets if I were you and see what they say.

      Their support staff is great and they will help you and see if this can be done.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

      Most importantly, start saving in gold today for you retirement.


  4. Great stuff in this article. It literally excites me to go invest right now! I’m glad you broke down the difference between the different retirement account and how much you can put into it every year. I feel really informed and knowledgeable about investing in Gold and Silver. My question is how much gold can I buy with $5,000 per year? When would you suggest starting?

    • Hi Tobias and thanks for you comment.

      Glad that the post got you excited to start investing in gold and silver. I think it’s one of the most important things that you can do today.

      It all depends on how much the gold price is trading for at the day you buy your gold. There isn’t any set price for gold and it moves like everything else from day to day.

      But with $5000 right now you would get around 3.5 ounces of gold or 225 ounces of silver. This will change from day to day though.

      I would suggest that you start right away. Start putting a side some money into gold. Because why hold that $5000 in paper dollars? You know for a fact that they become worth less and less for every year.

      If you want to start investing in gold today I would suggest that you start rolling over some of your retirement savings to gold or silver if you have any.

      Otherwise you can start a free gold bullion savings account today where you can transfer as little as $50/month into physical gold.

      Start small and do it continuously and you will build up a great savings account.

  5. I share your view that gold is more sustainable as an asset to have in the portfolio. However I don’t think that it should be the only one there.
    The price of gold is usually reduced when the stock market goes up. So all though it’s important to have gold as a balancing part in the portfolio, it should be just that, something that balances it, and not take the bulk of the portfolio.

    • Hi Ido and thanks for your comment.

      I do agree with you that you should not have all of your savings in gold. I would allocate at least 20% of my portfolio into gold though. Especially in times like these.

      The stock market it very overvalued right now and is due for a correction. Every 2-9 years there is a big correction in the stock market. If you’re not on top of it you will lose a lot of money when that happens.

      Also this time around I think it will be a 1929 depression style crash. There is so much debt in the world that if the stock market falls there will be a chain effect of bad debt defaulting that will be 100 times worse than 2008.

      Gold and silver is then the only true asset to save your money in. But yes, gold does not give a return. It doesn’t send you a dividend every quarter. But it does offer you safety and a hedge against inflation.

      Every healthy portfolio has to contain some physical gold.

      Thanks again,



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