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Regal Assets Review - Logo, Inc 500 and Forbes InvestmentOne of the first companies that you will encounter when you start researching for gold IRA companies are Regal Assets. With this Regal Assets review we will dive deep into the company in an easy way.

Have you realized that when you want to research a company online today there are multiple places that you have to go to in order to get a full picture?

If you agree you will be very happy to hear that here we have gathered all the relevant information that there is to know about Regal Assets.

We will have a look at the company itself, customer reviews, customer complaints, their products and services, the process of adding physical gold to your retirement account and much more.

After this review you should be all set to take a decision if Regal Assets is a company that you want to do business with or not.

Are you ready? Good, let’s start to have a look at the company itself.

Regal Assets Review – Are they a legit company or a scam?

Regal Assets, LLC has been in business since the 1st of December 2003 and have it’s headquarter in Los Angels, California.

They fall into the category of precious metals dealers and are also specialized in helping people to convert their IRA to physical precious metals.
BBB accredited business and BCA AAA rating

Regal Assets have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with 0 complaints against the company. They have been a BBB accredited business since the 30th of October 2009.

To have been in business this long without one single complaint is very unusual. This directly got me thinking that this company is very honest and really care about not getting any complaints by their customers.

Regal Assets have also received a AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). This is also the highest rating that you can get as a company.

With the BCA there has been 56 reviews entered by confirmed customers with a 5 out of 5 star rating. This means that 56 unique confirmed customers have left a 5 star rating for Regal Assets.

What does other credible entities say about Regal Assets?

Even though the ratings above by BBB and BCA speaks about a company that is very serious and definitely not a scam it might be ratings agencies that you never heard of.

Regal Assets has also been featured in a lot of highly creditable magazines and organizations.

Do you think that a well known magazine like Reuters would mention a company in their magazine if they weren’t completely sure that the company they were talking about was a legit company?

That is at least how I think.

Inc 500 logo and forbes investment guide logoRegal Assets were ranked 20th in financial services by the Inc 500 Magazine. This is a magazine that ranks the top 500 companies in the United States within a certain sector.

This is a huge achievement considering that there are over 6 million private corporations in the United States competing for the top 500 spot. Marketwatch wrote a big piece about this and you can read it here.

Regal Assets has also been featured in Forbes Magazines Investment Guide. A big news organization like Forbes Magazine mentioned Regal Assets as a market leader in dealing with precious metals, and a trusted company to do business with.

Does this sound as serious to you as it does to me? Please leave a comment below on what you think about the credibility of Regal Assets.

Regal Assets has also been featured in a lot of other highly creditable magazines and organizations.

Regal Assets Seen On - Smart Money MarketWatch Reauters Bloomberg

Regal Assets Customer Reviews – Maybe the most important factor?

Although I hope that you have realized that Regal Assets is a market leader when it comes to precious metals in the United States already, maybe the most determine factor is real customer reviews.

We have already seen that out of 56 confirmed customers Regal Assets had 5/5 stars on the BCA platform.

The website that most people go onto to review businesses like this is Trustlink. When reviewing gold IRA companies there is no company that is even close to have as many reviews as Regal Assets got.

Most other companies have less than 100 reviews with most of them less than 25. Regal Assets got around 1000 reviews with Trustlink.

This shows me that when people are considering to add some physical gold to their retirement account they pick Regal Assets to help them get through with this. Do you feel the same?

Regal Assets doesn’t just have the most amount of reviews with Trustlink, they also have a 5 star rating out of these reviews.

With over 1000 reviews they have an outstanding 5 star rating! This really speaks of their care for customer satisfaction. Below are some of the reviews.

I highly recommend that you read through some of the reviews from Trustlink. That will really get you a feeling of how Regal Assets are treating their customers. You will find the link below (the 920+ reviews on the Trustlink line).

There are also other reviews out there, although Trustlink is the most respected, and the story looks the same there.

Customer Support – Is it a helpful support staff or not?

woman on phone for support

Regal Assets have a very helpful support. They do not try to sell you anything that you do not want. They are there to answer your questions in the beginning.

I know that deciding to add physical gold to your retirement account is a major decision and nothing that you do over night. The same goes for Regal Assets.

When you read through their reviews like I have you will see time and time again the talk about how helpful their support staff is.

You keep seeing reviews saying that the support staff was not pushy or trying to sell you anything. They understand that this is a big decision and just want to help you by answering your questions in the beginning.

When I talked to them myself I got the exact same feeling. My representative were able to answer all of my questions and truly trying to educate me instead of trying to sell my anything.

I was on the phone with the representative for almost 30 minutes and by the time I had got a lot of my questions answered I said that I had to think about this decision because it’s a big one.

Without trying any sales method the guy simple said that it’s been great talking to me and that I should just give them a call again if I have any other questions.

Now this is a great mentality of a support staff if you ask me.

After this review you will probably have a lot of questions as well. Later on I will show you how to get in contact with Regal Assets so that they can answer your questions as well.

Before that we will have a look at the process of converting your IRA to physical gold and what makes Regal Assets stand out from the crowd.

Why do they get all these great reviews and ratings? It’s more than just the amazing support staff. Keep reading on and you will find out why.

A quick and easy rundown of how it works to add physical gold to your IRA.

After you have talked to Regal Assets and got all of your questions answered they will start the process for you to convert your IRA to physical gold directly.

Regal Assets will fill out all of the paper work for you so that the only thing that you have to do is sign them. A great thing is that you can sign these papers electronically if you want. This obviously speeds up the process a lot.

Regal Assets - Save up to $700 by moving your IRA account to gold. Tax freeWithin 24 hours after you have signed the papers Regal Assets will have a new IRA account setup for you. Once the IRA account is all setup you will be notified about your IRA account number.

After your new IRA account is all setup you will be sent the transfer request papers. These one’s are also already filled out for you and all you need to do is sign them, which again can be done electronically.

Once you have filled out the transfer request papers the Regal Assets team will go to work for you. They will contact your current custodian for your retirement funds and request the transfer of the requested funds.

Through all steps you will still have contact with the Regal Assets support staff and they will notify you on all steps throughout the process, either by call or email. You will never be left in the dark.

As soon as the requested funds have been transferred into your new account it is time for you to select what metals you want to purchase. Here you will also get all the help you need to choose the metals that fits your investment strategy.

After you have selected the precious metals that you want Regal Assets will lock in the price then and there.

Then within 7 business days Regal Assets will ship the metals. They are the only company with a 7 business day shipment guarantee. Once the metals has arrived at the Brink’s vault you can get a DVD of the metals arriving and getting put inside your safety deposit box.

You can follow and track the progress online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The most important thing is that Regal Assets will help you with everything. They will also keep you updated after every single step with a personal contact.

Contact Regal Assets today and find out even more, but in short, this is how it works. If you like to know more about the rules of a self-directed gold IRA you can read  up on that too.

What to like about Regal Assets – Why are they the market leader?

I’m pretty sure that we have already covered in depth of why people choose Regal Assets, right? But is there something else, except the phenomenal reviews and ratings, that makes people choose Regal Assets when converting their IRA to physical gold?

All the paper work can be handled electronically

Person typing at a computer

Regal Assets are conducting all of the business electronically. Like we discussed above you can sign all of the paper work through your computer. There is no need to sign documents by hand and fax them in or having to see anybody in person (even if this can be done).

This makes Regal Assets having one of the fastest processing times of all the gold IRA companies. Once you have decided that you want to add some physical gold to your IRA I bet you want to start picking metals as quickly as possible, right?

Extremely fast shipping

packageRegal Assets ships their metals incredibly fast. They have a 7 business day shipping guarantee. If you do not have your metals within 7 business days they will give you a free 1 ounce American silver eagle.

When you read through the reviews you will see that they never miss this deadline.

Most other companies will have a 30-60 days delivery time. Again, once you have picked out your metals I bet you want the delivery to go as quickly as possible, right?

First years fees are waived. After that it’s a flat fee

100 dollar billsFor the first year the fees for your new physical gold retirement account is completely FREE. Because you chose Regal Assets you do not have to pay anything the first year.

After the first year you will have a flat fee for you retirement account. There will be a $150 storage fee per year for your precious metals at Brink’s, no matter how much you store.

There will also be a $100 administration fee per year of your account. So a total of $250 a year to have your physical gold retirement account. Most other gold IRA companies will not have a flat fee and it will be based on how much gold you purchase.

This will almost every time be more than $250 and it will fluctuate from year to year.

Segregated storage with Brink’s – the best protection for your gold

brinks armored truckSegregated storage with Brink’s means that you will have your own safety deposit box where your gold is stored. This gold is in your name and you have no third party risk. Even if Regal Assets or Brink’s or anyone else would go bankrupt that gold is your asset and never anybody else’s.

Regal Assets are also the only company that offers off-shore storage. You can store your gold at a Brink’s vault in Singapore.

How do you proceed from here – What to do next?

I hope you have enjoyed this Regal Assets review. We have discussed almost all there is to know about them and had a look to see why they are the market leaders in helping their customers to transfer their IRA account to physical gold.

Please leave comments below if you have any questions or other input.

As I promised before I will show you a way to get into personal contact with Regal Assets. I think that is the best way for you to really determine if this is a company that you want to do business with or not.

If you are eager to get the process started you can start to fill in your online application. After that you will be contacted by a Regal Assets representative and from there you will have your personal contact and you will be well on your way to add some physical gold to your IRA account.

Click Here To Start Fill Out Your Online Application

Regal Assets Online Application

If you want to learn more before, you can request the FREE Gold IRA Rollover Kit by clicking the button below.

free gold ira rollover kit

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Free Gold IRA Rollover Kit

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  1. Hey there!

    Fantastic article. I found this incredibly useful and informative, particularly because it is so in-depth and detailed. You definitely don’t shy away from giving the big picture.

    Everything is very straightforward , no BS. Exactly what I was looking for! Especially in these times, hard assets like gold appear to be a great investment option. I’m definitely gonna bookmark this and run through the numbers. Thanks again! Take care

    • Hi Martin and thanks for the comment.

      That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Today there are a lot of people that do reviews that only show the smaller picture. I want my readers to get the full picture so that they can decide the next step for themselves.

      Yes gold is certainly a great investment in these kind of economic times. A lot of the financial experts are saying that we are heading for another financial crash.

      If that happens and you do not have any gold in your retirement account there is a big chance that you will get wiped out just like people got 2008.

      I would suggest that you read up on why you should invest in gold. There I give you my top 3 reasons for owning gold today.

      Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.

  2. Hey there, and first off thank you very much for your awesome and detailed review. I actually heard a few times about IRA and buying gold, but always felt like this is ”above my head” and that it’s too complicated.
    Your review simplified the whole process (thanks for the details!), and I will certainly make a further research on this!!

    • Hi Alex and thanks for the comment.

      Doing a gold IRA rollover yourself can be a lot of paper work and very tough. The great thing is that there is good legitimate companies like Regal Assets that will help you with the process.

      The best thing is to call up their helpful support staff and just talk to them about what you would like to do. They are not pushy at all and will look at your case individually.

      If you decide to add some physical gold to your IRA the will help you and be there every step of the way.

      I would suggest that you have a look at self-direct gold IRA rules to see more about how it works.

      Thanks again,


  3. Thanks for this review of Regal assets, and giving me some more information on them and their services.
    I have heard of them before, but I had very little information, and you article provides all of the answers I was looking for!
    It seems to me that Regal assets are a really good option, both credible and reliable.
    You have set my mind at ease 🙂

    • Hi John and thanks for the kind comment.

      Yes when you first start researching about adding physical gold to your IRA Regal Assets are the first company that usually shows up. The reason why is because of their great customer reviews.

      It feels great to review a company that has nothing but 5 start ratings on their customer reviews. I would suggest that you request their free gold IRA rollover kit where you can find a bunch of more information.

      If you have any other questions feel free to contact me or just give Regal Assets a call. They are great and will help you with your individual questions.

      Thanks again,


  4. What a excellent information page. From the time first was discovered it has always been a good investment to own physical gold. Thanks for this step by step article explaining how to go about it.
    One question though, I believe this is limited to the US and not available to EU countries?

    • Hi there and thanks for your comment.

      You’re right in that gold has held it’s purchasing power for thousands of years and it will continue to provide security for your wealth in the future as well.

      I think that everyone should have around 10-20% of their capital in physical gold as a safe haven.

      Yes you are right that a gold IRA is limited to the US. Have a look at how your retirement system work and then see if you can own physical gold instead of the paper assets just like you can in the US.

      Thanks again and please contact me if you want some help,


  5. Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into to inform the public about the importance of holding physical gold. After reading your articles, I’ve been reading a lot more into the Austrian School of Economics and some of their key figures like Mises and Rothbard. I also think people like Mike Maloney are doing a good job of informing people about the misinformation they’ve been hearing all their lives about money

    There’s just so much to research, not only about the history of physical gold and the incentives behind creating a Federal Reserve and making Keynesian Economics the standard of learning in all schools, but so much more. I mean, the people who come from families that acquired their wealth by investing in precious metals are the very ones who are the leaders in advancing the idea that doing so is no longer profitable.

    I’m embarrassed to say that although I was an Econ major in college, I barely even heard of the Austrian School of Economics. The education system is pretty ridiculous. I feel I have to re-learn everything that I was taught from the beginning!

    Investing in gold and precious metals is definitely the surest way to safeguard your assets. This was a great, honest review of Regal Assets. You really can’t find anything negative about them online. Well, you actually can, but if you do a little more research you’ll find that all the negative comments were actually engineered by the ”haters” out there.

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to all your future posts.

    • Hi David and thanks for your nice comment.

      I love to talk about the importance of owning physical gold because it opens up the doors to so much other stuff that’s wrong with the world today.

      For example as you say our educational system. Why don’t we, as kids, get to learn anything about money in school? We know some stupid math formula that we’re never going to use. But the basic fundamental understanding of what money is and the history of money is not to be seen in our curriculum.

      Austrian Economics is something that I’ve been studying for a while and Mises and Rothbard are amazing writers. I’ve read most of their books and if you want to learn Austrian Economics I think you should read them as well. Mike Maloneys hidden secrets of money are also a great resource.

      I feel the same. Can’t find any real bad things about Regal Assets online. When I called them they were super professional as well. There will always be haters out there on the Internet.

      Thanks again for you great comment. I will be coming out with a newsletter soon where you can subscribe.


  6. I stumbled upon your article searching for ways to buy & invest in gold – thank you.

    I think I need to study up on this topic because I’m not quite getting it. I’m on the ”back-side” of life so I’m not sure an IRA is the best thing for me, but am still interested in gold.

    A question: If you are actually purchasing the physical gold, why are you putting it into an IRA instead of just letting it grow on it’s own? No fees involved there, and it would just be a matter of picking it up for a good price.
    And why not just trade the ”paper” the way everything else is done.
    I think I’m totally clueless!

    • Hi Joanne and thanks for your comment.

      Everyone will have a different strategy of how they acquire gold. The most important thing is that you actually start to transfer some declining paper dollars for physical gold.

      Great questions. Well you can definitely just start to purchase gold and start your own retirement fund at home outside of the watchful eye of the IRS.

      The thing is just that with a self-directed IRA you can purchase gold with pre-tax dollars. Also your employer might match your contributions.

      Trading the paper like everyone else does will just make you lose as much money as everyone else will. Have a look at how to convert your IRA to physical gold for some more information.

      Otherwise I would suggest contacting Regal Assets. They will answer all of these questions for you.

      Thanks and let me know if I can help with anything else.

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