How To Convert IRA To Physical Gold – Beginners Guide

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wealth, retire and security by converting IRA to physical gold

Want to convert your IRA to Physical gold for security?

If you want to find out how to convert IRA to physical gold this is the right place.

Are you worried that the United States will have another financial crisis like the one in 2008 that saw retirement savers lose $2 Trillion in their retirement accounts?

Are you afraid that the prices for ordinary necessities like food and energy are skyrocketing and that the money you saved for retirement wont be enough?

You should know that you are not alone in these concerns. In fact, not having enough money, or losing your money, for retirement is the top fear that your fellow Americans have.

With the current state of our economy you have the rights to be concerned. The national debt is almost $20 Trillion and it’s obviously unsustainable to keep adding to the national debt forever.

How much money would you have had today if you invested $30,000 in gold 2000?

Before we get into exactly how you convert your IRA to physical gold we should look at an example of how gold can be a protection of your wealth.

Year 2000 ”Joe Smith” decided that he wanted to invest $30,000 into physical gold with the help of his IRA. Let’s see if that was a smart idea or not.

Gold at $30,000 year 2000. At 2016 it's worth $144,015

As you can see gold has increased a lot, almost 5 times, during the past 16 years.

We can not overlook the fact that if you would have had that same $30,000 in the stock market you would have seen two stock market crashes (2000 and 2008) that might have wiped out your retirement savings. With gold you have been protected from that.

Okay, I get it. But how to convert IRA to physical gold?

First of all you have probably landed here because you have heard that you can own physical gold in your IRA. Maybe you thought that you could just buy the gold bullion yourself and store it at home as your IRA account.

Well, not to scare you away, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. There is a way to make it as simple as possible which we will be talking about shortly.

There are a lot of different types of retirement accounts today and with almost all of them you are not allowed to own physical gold. Some of them allow you to own Gold ETFs and gold stocks which is paper gold and is very different from investing in physical gold.

There is a way around this that will let you invest in physical gold for your retirement and it usually starts with a rollover of your existing retirement account. These retirement accounts can not hold physical gold.

  • 401(k) – Mostly for employees of regular private companies.
  • 403(b) – Mostly employed by the government or non-profit organizations.
  • 457(b) – Mostly employed by the government or a tax-exempt employer.
  • Traditional IRA – Individual account.
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) – Mostly employed by the government and military.

Most of the population own one of these retirement accounts that do not let you invest in physical gold.

You need to rollover your current IRA to a self-directed IRA

Find the relief and security by rolling over your IRA to a gold funded self-directed IRA.

Find the relief and security by rolling over your IRA to a gold funded self-directed IRA.

As we were talking about, most of the current IRA accounts do not allow physical precious metals in them. To be able to invest in physical gold for you retirement you need to open a new IRA account type, a self-directed IRA.

A self-directed IRA account is an individual retirement account with the investments being completely controlled by the investor. This account has the same limitations on withdrawal, funding and taxes but lets the individual pick and manage his investments himself and are not limited to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

I know that we haven’t really talked about exactly how to convert your IRA to physical gold. The reason why is that this post would be thousands of words long. Not only that, almost every case is completely individual.

What you should focus on right now is the fact that: Yes, you can hold physical gold in your IRA with the help of a rollover into a self-directed IRA.

If you like you can read more about the self-directed gold IRA rules to get a bigger understanding of how it works.

I think I know what you are thinking right now: ”This sounds very complicated with a bunch of forms to fill out, and a lot of regulations and tax problems to avoid. If only someone could help me with all of this!”

Let Regal Assets take care of converting your IRA to physical gold

Regal Assets is the industry leader when it comes to precious metals and holds an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau and a AAA rating with Business Consumer Alliance. These are the highest ratings that you can get and speaks of a well trusted and serious company.

Regal Assets also holds a 5 out of 5 star rating on Trustlink with over 900 reviews . The other precious metals IRA companies all have less than 100 reviews (often less than 10) on Trustlink. This shows you that when people are considering adding physical gold to their IRA portfolio, they do so with the help of Regal Assets.

Below is just one of over 900 5-star reviews on Trustlink. (click here to read all reviews)

I had wanted to buy GOLD to diversify my retirement portfolio for a while, after doing some research, I decided to go with Regal Assets and the process could not have gone smoother. Jannette did a wonderful job walking me through the roll-over process and communicating while we were waiting for the disbursement to arrive. Christian then assisted me with which precious metals I wanted and how much of each. The process could not have been smoother or more comforting for a novice precious metal investor. I will recommend Regal Assets to others.

— David H. (7/31/2016)

I have been reviewing all major gold IRA companies and when it comes to time in business, customer ratings and customer reviews there is not one other company that is even close. Do you own research if you like and please leave a comment below if you find something that I didn’t.

When you read through the reviews you will find that the Regal Assets support staff are exceptionally good. They will help you with every question that you might have and it can all be done through either phone, email or chat. They understand that this is a big decision for you and a lot of the reviews say that their staff is friendly and not pushy to sell you anything you don’t want.

Regal Assets has also been ranked number 20 in the USA for financial services by the Inc. Magazine and has been featured in the Investment Guide by Forbes Magazine.


What makes Regal Assets better than other gold IRA companies?

For me it was the fact that Regal Assets has an amazing reputation which we discussed above. When investing for the future you want to do business with the best of the best. Also when calling their support staff they were very friendly and didn’t try to sell me anything.

But there are a few key factors that makes Regal Assets stand out even more from the crowd.

  • Extremely fast delivery. When most other companies takes between 30-90 days to deliver your physical metals, Regal Assets have a 7 business day deadline to deliver your metals. If they miss this deadline (which never happens if you look at their reviews) you will receive a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle for free.
  • When it comes to processing times Regal Assets are one of the only precious metals firms that does everything electronically. This means that the client doesn’t have to hand sign any documents and making the processing time much faster.
  • Annual fees waived (FREE) for the first year.
  • Regal Assets are also the only ones that use segregated storage with Brinks for a flat fee. Most of the other companies will have a fee due to the amount you have invested in gold. This makes it easy to understand how much it will cost each year in service of your retirement account.
  • Regal Assets are also the only company that allows storage outside of the USA. You can store your gold in Singapore.

These are just some of the things that makes Regal Assets the most used company when converting your IRA to physical gold.

How do you proceed from here?

Regal Asset. Receive your gold IRA kit for freeI know that we haven’t gotten into the technical aspects of how exactly you would do to convert your IRA to physical gold because it would be impossible to talk about everything in one article.

What you should take away from this article is that YES, it’s possible to own physical gold in your IRA with the help of a rollover to a self-directed IRA.

This is not anything that is simple to do by yourself which is why you should seek help from a trusted gold IRA company.

In my research Regal Assets have been beating all the other companies by a landslide, but feel free to do your own research.

Please leave a comment below if you find anything that I didn’t find or if you have any questions. I would love to be of any assistance to you.

If you are eager to convert your IRA to physical gold you can get it started today with as little as 3 simple steps.

  1. Fill out the secure online form to get your application started.
  2. Wait for a Regal Asset gold IRA specialist to get back to you and finalize your setup.
  3. Fund your IRA account and pick metals!

If you want to know more I highly suggest that you download Regal Assets Free Gold IRA Rollover Kit. This has some tremendous information in it and it also allows you to contact Regal Assets with your personal questions about how to convert IRA to physical gold.

Click the button below to request your FREE Gold IRA Rollover Kit

Gold IRA Rollover Kit

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  1. Thanks for another awesome post, Marcus. I do agree that investing in physical gold is much more secure than any other option available out there. I wanted to ask you, however, if you had the option to choose between buying physical gold from people and storing it yourself with the same amount of money you were planning to invest in say, Regal Assets, would you go for it?

    As in, let’s say you were planning to invest $10,000 in Regal Assets, but you also told yourself, ”Well, instead of buying X amount gold (in troy ounces, I believe) when I invest in physical gold through Regal Assets, I can buy 2X of the same amount if I actually buy physical gold from people and store that myself.” This is because you can usually buy used gold from people at about ~50% of the spot price of gold.

    Okay, this may actually sound like an obvious question because we both know that we would still choose to invest in Regal Assets (unless I was planning on flipping that amount first by selling it to a refinery) because of the tremendous amount of risk involved in storing that much gold on your own, but at what point would it actually be more profitable to actually store a huge amount of physical gold on your own? Perhaps when I have enough to have some sort of an armory to protect my stored assets? This is really just a hypothetical question, but I’m asking mainly because 1) to see the range of options I have when deciding to invest in physical gold and 2) determine how much of those theoretical options are feasible in real life.

    Thanks again for the awesome post, Marcus!

    • Hi David and thanks for your comment.

      Yes you can definitely store the gold yourself in your home if you’re not planning on having millions of dollars at home. Gold keeps a lot of value in a very small space so I’m sure that you can find somewhere to store it at home and feel safe. Have a look at my take on how to store your gold.

      I would be very cautious to invest in gold from other people. Yes like with everything you can find a great deal (although most of them are not ~50% of the market price), but you can also as easily get scammed. I have heard about horror stories of people buying gold from other people and then it turned out that they bought tungsten. Tungsten is a metal that looks exactly like gold but it’s a lot less valuable. Fake gold so to speak.

      When it comes to gold in your IRA you are actually not even allowed to store you gold at home by the IRS. You have to store it at a bank. With Regal Assets you will store your gold at Brinks which is a high security vault. You have probably seen the brink armored trucks driving around. That’s them.

      What segregated storage at Brinks means is that you will have your own little safety deposit box where your gold is being stored. Some storage facilities just say that they have your gold but there isn’t actually any gold bars with your name on them. Regal Assets will ship you a DVD of when Brinks accepts your gold bullion and put it in a deposit box for you.


  2. Very timely article, I’ve been looking some alternatives to a traditional retirement plan for a while now; I’m reaching that awkward age of 35(ish) where suddenly it becomes very real.

    I’d been concentrating on building residual incomes to replace traditional retirement plans, but I think I may have to think more about adding some gold to my portfolio as well.

    In the UK, like everywhere I suppose, there is a massive retirement crisis looming. Do you happen to know if this company operates in the UK, or happen to know of a UK alternative?

    Thanks again for the great information! 🙂

    • Hi Kevin and thanks for your article.

      Yes I’m reaching that age as well where it’s time to start thinking about saving for retirement. You do not want to start too late with that like a lot of people have done that are retiring right now.

      Building residual incomes is definitely the best retirement options. But you should still have around 20% of your net worth in gold in my view. And if you believe that gold is going to $5,000/ounce like a lot of people you could have more.

      Regal Asset only operates in the US unfortunately. There is a massive retirement crisis coming in the UK and in a lot of the European countries. The reason why is because you have been paying into the government your whole working life and then when you retire you are suppose to get your retirement paid for by them younger then you.

      This worked fine when we had the baby boomers. There were about 40 working people to pay for every one retiree. Today when they baby boomers are going to retirement there is around 2-3 working people on every retiree. So around 3 people are working and paying taxes for every 1 retiree. Then these 3 working people also have to pay for roads, hospitals and all the other things that taxes go to.

      That system is the definition of a ponzi scheme. The new investors will pay off the old investors. It will collapse and maybe they will figure something out for the Baby boom generation. But there is no way that our generation will see any of that money. Mathematically impossible.

      In UK you can have a ISA which is kind of a Roth-IRA in the US. This is where you can invest with tax-free money. Unfortunately you can not hold physical gold in an ISA. Only stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

      If I were you I would either start saving in gold yourself or I would open a FREE gold savings account where you can start accumulate 1 gram a gold every month. By the time you are going to retire you have a lot of physical gold to spend.


  3. Hey Marcus. I found this site particularly interesting since I invest in precious metals. I did not know that you were allowed to invest in gold with your IRA.

    It sure sounds like there is a lot to know about it and I don’t think that I could do this myself. Do you have any more information about Regal Assets?

    How does it work with taxes when you are rolling over your IRA to physical gold?



    • Hi Mark and thanks for your comment.

      Great that you’re investing in gold! That is going to be an important decision for you future. Every time throughout history when we have had this kind of economic environment gold has been the absolute best investment to protect, an often increase, your wealth.

      I have a full review of Regal Assets where I go more in depth of the company and what really makes them stand out from the crowd.

      The best direction for you to take in my opinion is to download their free gold IRA kit. From there you will get a good idea of how it works to invest in physical gold through your IRA.

      Requesting their free gold IRA kit also allows you to get in contact with their helpful support staff. Like I was saying they are not pushy at all and will gladly answer all of your questions.

      The thing is that rolling over your IRA to physical gold is something very individual. That’s why it’s best to let the experts at Regal Assets help you. You can tell them exactly what your plans are and they will get you started.

      I know that you can rollover your IRA to physical gold once a year tax-free. Also there are no extra hidden taxes or fees with a self-directed IRA so my first response would be that the tax situation is the same as your current IRA account.

      Although I’m not a tax adviser but Regal Assets will have all of these answers for you. Download their free gold IRA kit and most of your questions will be answered there.



  4. Hey Marcus, I seem to learn more and more everytime I visit your website. I had no idea you could convert your IRA to a physical gold retirement savings account. It makes a lot of sense since you do want your retirement savings account to be sort of like a net for you to fall on. You don’t want it to be made out of unpredictable paper money since the market goes up and down. You want your net to be made of gold which is – For the most part steady in its market.

    • Hi Matt and thanks again for your comment.

      I really appreciate the kind words. My missions is to try and show people with facts and history that investing in gold will be one of your smartest moves for the future.

      You are so right. Gold is the best long term investment there is and the safest investment there is. That is exactly what you want in a retirement account.

      Can you imagine how the people felt in 2008 that had been saving for their retirement their whole life and then they just saw their retirement savings disappear over night? That must have been an awful feeling and something I hope nobody that reads be blog is ever going to experience.

      Make sure to add some physical gold to your retirement account to be protected from that ever happening to you.


  5. Does Regal Assets offer services for people that live in Australia? I have been wanting to buy gold for a while but have been unsure how to go about it. One of my main concerns is buying when it is too high, and then it dropping in value. I know all commodities like property have cycles, how do you monitor these cycles to buy in the troughs?

    • Hi there and thanks for the comment.

      Unfortunately Regal Assets only operates in the United States. There might be something similar in Australia where you are allowed to add some physical precious metals in your government retirement account. I’m not sure how it works.

      As with everything you do not want to buy it on the highs and then see it drop in value. The thing with gold though is that if you are buying it for the long term it’s only going in one direction. Straight Up!

      Have a look at my long term gold price forecast where you can see where I think the gold price will go from now.

      Another important post is why is gold going up in price today.

      There I discuss the fundamental reasons for why gold is going higher. Once you have understood the fundamental reasons that’s driving the gold price up there isn’t any real argument for not allocating some of your savings into gold.



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