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MarcusHey! My name is Marcus and I’ve been investing in, and learning about, gold and silver for almost 10 years now. I remember it really starting when my dad showed me his old coin collection. My dad, and his dad for that matter, had been collecting gold and silver coins for a very long time. When my dad showed me one of the gold coins I was amazed with how heavy it was, and how precious it really felt.

He told me that he had bought that gold coin for around 40 dollars, nearly 35 years ago. The first thing that I do is run to the computer to look up what the price is for the coin today. Almost 700 dollars?! My dad bought this coin 35 years ago then he just put it in a binder and put it away. He didn’t need any financial education to handle the investment, he didn’t need to constantly be in the loop about gold prices and gold events. And still he had seen an almost 1,750% appreciation!

Since then I read everything that I can get my hands on about physical gold investing. I have also been buying physical gold myself for a very long time. I’m a true believer in that physical gold and silver will be the investment of a century, and with this website I want to discuss why.

I will also try to give my experiences in questions like where to buy gold? What should I buy? Who can I trust?

I want to thank you very much for coming here. As you probably understand I have a burning passion for gold investment. But I also read a lot about other forms of investment, business, economics, history, politics and a lots more. I love to educate myself. I believe that the best investment you can do in your lifetime (yes, even before gold), is your own education. I believe that knowledge truly is power. I want to live by that I should be better informed, more educated and economically in a better position tomorrow, then I am today.

I hope you enjoy it here and don’t hesitate to comment on any of my posts if you have any questions. But first, I think you should start reading about what I’ve found. Why do I think physical gold is going to be the best performing asset in the years to come?

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Please share the knowledge


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