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karatbars 1 gram gold cards

Does opening up a FREE gold savings account sound good to you? This Karatbars Review will go over just that.

Does opening a FREE gold savings account sound exciting to you? With this Karatbars International Review I hope to open your eyes to a new and exciting way to get into investing in physical gold by opening a savings account. Almost exactly as the savings account you have at your bank but instead of ”funny” money you will have hard physical gold in your savings account.

Many people that I talk to instantly agree that owning some physical gold is very important. Whether it be because gold is a good hedge against inflation, that you want a safe haven to place your hard earned money or because you do not think that the current system of debt is sustainable. There are lots of reasons for why everybody should own some physical gold.

But the first response that I usually get is: I do not have enough money to start investing in gold.

This is a definitely a valid reason. I mean at the time I’m writing this article an ounce of gold is around $1300. That is not an amount of money that most people have laying around. If you instead could buy gold in smaller quantities don’t you think that would make it easier for people to get into gold investing?

Investing in gold has always been a rich mans game. Karatbars Internationals mission is to change that and make sure that everyone can afford to protect their wealth with physical gold.

Wouldn’t it be nice with a gold savings account? Exactly as you have a savings account in your bank today but instead of your account being filled with declining paper dollars it would be filled with hard physical gold.

A place where you could easily save your money each week or month, with auto payment if you like, into gold. Then your physical gold would be connected to a credit card so if you wanted to convert your gold back to paper dollars you could easily do that at every place that accepts MasterCard. Or maybe you wanted to take delivery of your physical gold instead of having it in your savings account.

This and much more are the things that Karatbars International is trying to do. If this gets you as excited as it gets me, then read on and we will be diving into this awesome and easy way to open a FREE gold savings account.

Here is a short summary video. Only 7 minutes long but for more detail please read the review.

About Karatbars International

Karatbars International GmbH was founded in 2011 by CEO Herald Seiz. It is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, but have offices in a lot of other cities such as New York. Karatbars currently operates in 119 countries with a mission to operate in all 194 countries in the world.

Karatbars is privately held and operates under strict German business laws. Germany has one of the toughest business laws in the world and if you do not operate in a good and honest manner you will not be able to continue doing business.

Karatbars is recommended by Bun Der Sparer which is a German consumer watchdog that focuses on money, banking and investing. They are committed to the financial education of the public and lobbies for the interest of the public.

What this means is that Bun Der Sparer tries to help the German public to not get scammed when it comes to financial services. They do a thorough investigation of the company and it’s products before they recommend it to the German public. This is a very big deal and should give you the confidence that Karatbars International is a legit and honest company.

Karatbars Internationals mission statement is:

Our mission is to make currency-grade gold bullion available and affordable to the masses.

Watch Karatbars Introduction Video Below


Karatbars International’s Gold products

Karatbars offers 999.9% pure, 24 karat gold bullion from accredited LBMA refineries in small denominations. The gold comes in a credit card sized durable plastic with the gold bullion in the middle. The different sizes are 1 gram, 2,5 grams and 5 grams.

Karatbars 1 gram, 2,5 grams and 5 grams products What does LBMA accredited refineries mean? 

LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association and they have set out a set of rules describing how the physical gold should be in order to get a LBMA stamp. LBMA is loosely overseen by the Bank of England.

The rules for LBMA gold has to do with the purity and other important factors when dealing with gold bullion. By having the LBMA stamp the gold is recognized by governments and banks around the world as good delivery gold. This means that it can be accepted as money in settlements of debts.

The most important thing is that when the gold has a LBMA stamp it means that it’s the best and purest gold that you can get. You can read more about LBMA gold here.

The Karabars cards comes with multiple security features to ensure confidence and authenticity when conduction financial transaction using the Karatbars gold cards.

The security features are things like:

  • Stamped with valid trademark
  • Authenticity stamp and security hologram to prevent counterfeit
  • Certified and laminated with scratch resistant UV protective film.

Branding Cards

A really exciting thing about Karatbars products is that you can design your own gold card. This gives you a unique possibility to promote your charity, company or association. Or to just give away as a personal gift to a friend.

If you do not want to create your own design for your gold cards you can choose between a wide variety of premade branding cards. Karatbars have things like country cards or gift cards such as ”Good luck with your marriage”.

They also have a lot of sports cards such as sports legends or teams. Real Madrid Soccer club just created thousands of gold cards for sale to their fans. The Vatican also ordered thousands of cards to help them spread their word.

Who would throw away 1 gram of gold? Nobody of course, and on that card is your company logo or any other message that you want to get out. Do you see the marketing possibilities?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the look and design of your Karatbars gold card. But the most important thing is that the physical gold inside the card is of the highest possible quality.


How does payment for your Gold work?

Although Karatbars lets you purchase gold in a one time fashion and ship it home to you just like any other dealer, that is not the exciting part about Karatbars. What Karatbars is really about is to set up a free gold savings account.

Setting up your automatic gold savings plan doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. There is really only two options that you have to decide on:

  1. Do you want to save weekly or monthly?
  2. How much money each week/month do you want to save?

The minimum amount that you can choose is 50 euro (make sure to check the exchange rate before but it’s around 56 USD). After you have answered these two options you have two options for payment. You can choose to pay with your credit card or by bank wire transfer.

I would recommend credit card because it’s very easy and every week/month the amount you chose will automatically come out of your credit card and get transferred into hard physical gold bullion. Can it get easier than that?

I want to remind you again that your not really buying anything here. All you do is transferring your declining paper dollars into hard physical gold bullion. It’s like taking 50 euro in paper from your left pocket, transferring it into 50 euro worth of gold bullion and putting it in your right pocket.

At the end of the transaction you still have 50 euro worth of stuff. But now you have it in physical gold instead, which is a smarter way to save your hard earned money. Don’t you agree?

How does the storage of my gold work?

gold safeOne of the first things that I asked when I got introduced to Karatbars was how the storage for my gold work. Because I have seen before how a company says that they store you gold but they actually don’t.

This way it would be the same as owning paper gold which is not how I invest in gold. I want to invest in physical gold by either having it in my own possession or in a vault somewhere where I know that my physical gold is inside a safety box that has my name on it.

The storage of your gold is not taken care of by Karatbars themselves. The storage is in a third party high security company called Prosegur GmbH. So as soon as you have bought your gold, Karatbars will send the physical gold to the storage facility that will store your physical gold in your account.

Short video about the storage vault company Prosegur

The storage facility gets audited every year by another third party audit firm to make sure that every account have the correct amount of gold in it.

This way your physical gold is just stored for FREE in a high security vault for you until you decide to take physical delivery of your gold. This was a huge factor for me when I decided to open up my gold savings account.

Shipping information to take delivery of your gold

At any time you can just click a button within your Karatbars back office to take delivery of all, or part of, you gold savings. Once you have requested delivery the request will directly be sent to the storage facility for shipment.

FedEx express logoKaratbars have partnered up with FedEx and can ship to any country in the world, both small packages and bigger packages. Your gold will be packaged under video surveillance for your personal security and the package is fully insured all the way to your doorstep.

The price for shipping around the world is right now at $21 (within Europe it’s a little bit cheaper). The great thing about Karatbars is that it’s the same price for shipping one gram as it is shipping 40 grams. This is why most people use the free gold storage that Karatbars provide and when they have accumulated enough gold they take delivery. This is to save on shipping cost.

I think you understand why it doesn’t make sense to pay $21 extra for every gram to ship it directly to you. Let the gold be stored in the third party storage facility and when you have enough gold you can ship it home to you. If you save up 21 grams and ship it then it becomes $1 per gram in shipping. Doesn’t get cheaper than that.

Another amazing thing with Karatbars is that once you have accumulated 100 grams in storage Karatbars will ship it for free to you. The reason why is because Karatbars knows that a big reason why people invest in gold is to be able to have it physically close to them. Once you have saved up 100 grams, it’s more then time for you to take physical delivery.

Final Thoughts

Opening up a FREE gold savings account is probably one of the best decisions that I’ve made. This made it super simple to just transfer declining paper money into the safety of gold bullion.

Karatbars has built up a big and amazing system to solve all the headaches of investing in gold and they keep on adding more and more great features all the time.

There is a reason why Karatbars have experience a tremendous growth since they started. Both in number of customers, countries where Karatbars get sold and the amount of money saved every year.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact me through email at my contact page. As soon as you have registered for free I will get a notification and you will get my personal contact information so I can help you with any questions.

There is nothing to wait for. Karatbars offers a absolutely FREE gold savings account without any hidden fee’s. Just pure FREE.

When you click the link below it will take you to Karatbars website. You will have two options to choose between. Either register as a customer or as an affiliate. You should choose affiliate. They are both free and very similar but if you choose affiliate you have more options for the future than just a customer.

Open up your FREE gold savings account today

Open gold savings account

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  1. Hi Margul,
    looks like KAratbar is a new website there. Never heard of it before.
    It should be like a bank, but instead of keeping money, this Karatbar provide gold-keeping system which are good. Instead of keeping money which has no future value, it is a good idea like Karatbar itself to offer gold-keeping which has value in the future

    • Hi Reyner.

      You got it right. That is exactly what Karatbars is trying to do. Create a savings account but instead of paper money or 1’s and 0’s on a computer at a bank your account will be stuffed with physical gold.

      Paper money has no future and every fiat currency (what we have today) have gone to zero. There has been around 5000 fiat currencies in documented history. All of them have gone to zero. Meaning that if you saved in the fiat currency you lost ALL of you money.

      Don’t let history repeat and wipe you out! Save in gold.


  2. Interesting gold investment platform dude. I am now making money online and I am finding an advanced business model that helps me to scale up my business. Gold investment would be good to me as this is the safest method for everyone to keep their money ”in value”.

    I would like to choose Karatbars Gold saving account as it has FREE membership! I may also buy few bars of gold too! Thanks.

    • Hi Cyril and thanks for your comment.

      Great that your experience success with what you do. Happy for you :).

      Gold is definitely a great place to store your value. It will never disappear and most likely it will keep going up in value as time goes.

      Karatbars is a great way to start investing in gold because of the FREE membership and the many other awesome things that Karatbars provide.

      If your buying bars I would suggest you check out my Goldbroker Review.

      Thanks for the comment,


  3. Hi Marcus,
    Great Review. Never thought that this is possible, germans ’nailed it’ again…:) I like the fact that you can get very small amounts, and there is free storage, and the shipment later is very very reasonable. The branding card is an awesome thing, what a great idea for a gift…: And obviously it makes sense to invest in gold rather then trying to save paper bills. Your post really got me thinking again. I always say i will do it someday, but as your own experience with the golden coin’s increase in value (i have read about you section why you got into this niche) just reminds me that there is no point in waiting any longer i should just do it now.

    • Thanks for the kind comment Jana.

      Yes the Germans really did nail it again :). They are very good when it comes to gold products. Yeah the small amount is what makes it possible to start investing in gold even though you might not have a couple of thousand dollars laying around.

      I will tell you the same as i’ve been telling a lot of people before. If you have understood the advantage of saving in gold there isn’t really any reason not to start today. The account is free to set up, you can stop it whenever you want.

      This is not SPENDING money, this is SAVING money. So you are not buying anything. What your doing is transferring your declining paper money (maybe a coffee a day in price) to save in physical gold that will protect you from the economic storm that’s coming.

      Thanks for the comment,


  4. I found this very informative and reviewed some of your other links of information associated with investing in gold. I am definitely going to bookmark this page for future usage when I am in a better position to make this type of investment.

    I have heard about the push of investing in gold since the 2008 crash but after reading your information it really has got me thinking.

    Question: If I open an account will the cost of 1 gram of gold increase down the road or does my purchase price remain constant no matter when I make the exchange of currency to gold?

    • Hi Troy and thanks for the nice comment.

      I’m glad that you browsed around a bit on my site to see why I have been investing in gold for the past 10 years.

      Gold definitely became more attractive after the financial crisis of 2008 but if you look at the past 50 years gold has gone straight up. From around $35 an ounce (when we were on a gold standard) til $1300 today (2016-06).

      The best thing with gold is that you haven’t gotten wiped out during all the financial crashes the last 50 years and you didn’t do more than buy it and stored it. It’s not like the stock market where you have to be fully involved 24/7 with your investment.

      Yes the price of the 1 gram will increase/decrease depending on the spot price of gold.

      Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help you to start invest in gold. Once you have realized how good of an investment gold is there isn’t much more to think about. Because like I say, you don’t really spend any money. What you do is SAVE money, but in gold instead.



  5. Very interesting website. Very interesting business proposition. I’m always skeptical about thing like this. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am. If I were to have gold shipped to me, how would I cash it in? Would I have to ship in back? Is a once a year auditing of the third party storage company sufficient to guarantee that your gold is actually there? I realize that gold seems to always go up in value, but I’ve always thought that all the middle men would end up making all the money. Is this true? Thanks for the info on saving gold. It’s something to think about.

    • Hi Jim, thanks for you comment.

      Of course you should always be skeptical to companies. I am the same. When you have your gold at home you can either cash it in by selling it back to Karatbars like you said. Karatbars is also recognized so many sell theirs on eBay.

      Karatbars even have a new thing now called K-exchange where there are a bunch of places around the world that accept your gold as a payment or can cash in your gold. And this will just get bigger as we go.

      But the ones that you have in your savings account you can just cash in directly (because it’s not shipped to you get).

      For me it is sufficient enough because I have been with Karatbars for a while and I’ve seen how they operate. But Karatbars operates under strict German business laws. If they said they had the gold but they didn’t I can assure you that Karatbars wouldn’t be in business anymore. And Bun Der Sparer would definitely not recommend them to the public.

      What happens is that the audit company have account numbers where it says how much gold each account number should have. If there is anything wrong they will say that in their report.

      The dealer will always make some money, otherwise he can’t be in business. And there is a lot of extra costs to buy 1 gram gold cards because it takes the same machinery and time as to make a 1kg bar. If you want to middle man to make as little money as possible you should buy a lot at one time.

      If you want to move a lot of money into gold I suggest you look at Goldbroker. Because the more you buy the cheaper the price of gold will be per gram.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Do some research on Bun Der Spar (which has recommended Karatbars to the German public) and you will see that Karatbars have to be a legit company in order to be recommended by them.

      Thanks for the comment,


  6. I have always been interested in investing and making my money work for me. I know that gold is a good way to invest because it is more or less resistant to inflation and depression. A free gold savings account with karatbars sounds like a really good place to start and I will look into them more in the future!

    • Hi Kevin.

      You just nailed gold investing with that sentence that gold is good for inflation and depression. I feel like these two are coming towards us rapidly which is why I urge everyone to start owning some gold.

      It’s like I said. Your not really buying anything. Your simply transferring 50$ of declining paper money into physical gold. After the transaction you still have $50. But now it’s in gold.

      Please let me know if I can help you with any questions about karatbars.



  7. Hey Marcus,
    Investing in a commodity is the way to go. Often Gold is considered the best metal to invest in as the value of gold does not depreciate, like the value of paper money does.

    I think Karatbar provides a very good way to invest a small amount of money monthly or weekly to accumulate wealth over time.

    The value of gold will definitely grow and offer better returns in the long term.

    Also they really have some really cool gold cards that are ideal gifts too.

    • Hi Josh and thanks for the comment.

      Your absolutely right that the gold price will continue to go up. In fact it is up around 25% this year (2016-06). That is better than any stock market.

      That’s the whole point with karatbars – to accumulate gold over time. Most people can’t afford to start investing in gold by buying an ounce which right now is around $1300. This is a great solution to that problem.



  8. Hi Marcus, thank you this information. I wasn’t aware of this company but will certainly be checking them out. It goes without saying that for every dollar invested, it should be backed up with physical gold. It’s also comforting to know that you can take physical ownership at any time too.

    • Hi Gunter and thanks for your comment.

      Yes exactly. Every dollar invested should be backed up by physical gold. A great thing as well is that you can store your gold for free in a third party vault with Karatbars. So you don’t take delivery on every single gram that you save because that would be a big overhead.

      What you do is to save up a few grams and then take delivery. Because it costs as much in shipping to ship 20 grams as it costs to ship 1 gram. This way you will save a lot on shipping.

      Please contact me thought my contact page or add me on facebook if you have any more questions.



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