1. Hi Marcus
    Really Great post! Very informative and interesting. Thank you for sharing! I’m from Philippines and I base now here in Malaysia. You think it will work this Karatbars in like me? Or there is a particular country only can open a account for this Karatbars?


    • Hi Eric.

      Thanks for the comment. Yes Karatbars will definitely work in Malaysia. We have people on our team that’s from Malaysia right now. Just sign up for free by following the link on my Karatbars Review.

      After that you will get my personal contact information such as skype etc and I will help you with everything you need. Or if you have any other questions please leave a comment or contact me through my contact page.


  2. This is a really great informative article. I feel like its hard for me to trust a company like that even if they are completely honest anything can happen, they can go bankrupt or maybe the place they store their gold gets robbed or something. I feel like if I am going to save for something I would rather physically buy it. Just so I know where it is, and if something does happen to is at least it was within my power to stop it.

    That being said is 1,300 the lowest denomination of gold?

    • Thanks for the comment Matt.

      I can understand why you’re having a hard time trusting a company like this, I had the same issue in the beginning before I did some more research. To answer your questions:

      Q: What if karatbars goes bankrupt?
      A: Because your gold is stored in a third party vault you have no risk when it comes to Karatbars. Every month after you have transferred some money to Karatbars they convert it into physical gold and send it to the storage facility (that is completely independent from Karatbars) for storage in your own little safety deposit box. So if Karatbars would go bankrupt (very slim chance if you look at their growth and finances) you will still have your gold in the storage facility.

      Q: What if the place gets robbed.
      A: I guess that’s a valid question but what if you get robbed at home? Your gold is fully insured by the storage facility for exactly everything (including civil war and nuclear attacks). If anything would happen to your gold inside of the storage facility you are covered.

      With this being said I agree with you that it’s better to store the gold at home. How I do it is that I save in gold until I save up around 20 grams of gold in the storage facility. After that I ship it home to me because it costs you just as much to ship 1 gram as it costs to ship 20 gram. This is to save on shipping. If you have saved up 100 grams of gold, Karatbars will ship it for free to you.

      The denominations that Karatbars offers are 1 gram, 2.5 grams and 5 grams. Smaller denominations so that everyone can afford to start saving in gold.


  3. What a great article! I really like how you pointed out that saving at home or in a bank will cause you to lose purchasing power over the long run due to inflation. I don’t see how anyone could argue with this. It never ceases to amaze me how much the costs of everything has skyrocketed over the past few years. Yes, saving in commodities like gold seems to be a really good alternative. Thanks for sharing this informative article!

    • Thanks for the comment Debbie.

      I have no idea why people would even consider saving their money in a bank account or under the mattress. You know for a fact that you will lose money (purchasing power) every year.

      Isn’t it crazy how our government keep saying that ”We don’t have any inflation”. I wonder if the people making these statements have even gone grocery shopping by themselves. All of us ”normal” people sure can feel the impact of inflation on rising prices. Check healthcare, gas prices, housing prices.

      Every thing is going up in price today. It is not all due to inflation but a solid 80-90%.

      When we know that the inflation will keep going up there is no reason why our savings accounts shouldn’t be in physical gold that is a good hedge against inflation.


  4. Interesting article on saving in Gold, and a clear definition of the difference between saving and investing. And the problem with saving ”under the mattress” is there’s no maturing of the savings. no interest or growth. The money just loses value over time.

    The idea of both saving in gold or, to a degree, investing in it, sure sounds appealing. On top of that, there’s just something kind of magical about gold, which makes for a more exciting way to save.

    • Hi Darren and thanks for your comment.

      Yeah there is a big difference between saving and investing. Investing you are looking for some more return but that way you need to take on more risk. A savings account you want no risk what so ever. You just want to save this wealth for another day.

      Before 1971 when our currency (paper dollar) was on a gold standard you could save your money under the mattress because it was basically the same as storing gold under your mattress. But that all changed 1971 when President Nixon took us off the gold standard and into a un backed paper currency called fiat.

      There has been over 5000 fiat currency in documented history and they all have one thing in common. They ALL went to zero, became worthless. That’s not something that I want to save my hard earned money in.

      Yeah there is definitely something special about gold. Humans have a subconscious appeal to gold as wealth and power. He who has gold always have money.

      Start saving in gold today and you will be protected from the horrible events that a fiat currency always create.


  5. Wow that was an incredible read. So much information. I am just confused at as to where they are going to store your gold? And how that actually works?

    Sounds like a bank system that tells you they have your money in a vault, but we all know its just numbers in a computer. Could you clarify this a little more ?

    Thank you so much. Benedetto

    • Thanks for the comment Bendetto.

      That was exactly what I was worried about when I started to look into Karatbars. Do they actually buy the physical gold for me and store it every month or is it just like another bank account where your ”money” is just in a computer.

      The reason I chose Karatbars is because they do purchase your gold physically every month when you save. And they partnered up with a third party storage facility in Germany.

      How it works in short is that when you transfer some 1’s and 0’s (money) to Karatbars they will purchase the gold PHYSICALLY for you and then send it to the storage facility where it will be stored in a safety deposit box with you name on it.

      This way you KNOW that you actually purchase gold every month. Have a look at my Karatbars Review where I go over everything more in detail.



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