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Investing in gold today can be a nightmare. There are so many different dealers selling and it’s hard to know which one is good and which one is a scam. With this Goldbroker review I want to show you how I invest in gold. I have personally been a customer for a few years now.

Why not just buy from your local coin shop?

A lot of people ask me why they should get their gold online instead of at their local coin shop. My usual answer is, that it doesn’t really matter. If you can find a good price at your local coin shop for a product you want then go for it.

Usually your coin shop will be more expensive than buying gold online though. It’s quite simple, they have a store with rent and other costs that they need to cover by their profits.

An online store is very cheap to operate which is why you will often see cheaper gold prices online.

About Goldbroker


Goldbroker is an online store that opened in 2008 and has it’s headquarters in Malta with offices all over the world, including New York. It’s owned and operated by FDR Capital Ltd and they only deal in physical metals.

Here is a short introduction video about Goldbroker

In just a few short years Goldbroker has proven to be a very trustworthy site with a 8.5/10 rating on Trustpilot. Around 80% of those reviews are 5 stars and the other 20% is 4 stars. If you read through the customer reviews you can see that a lot of the people are talking about how professional Goldbroker is. Take the time to read through some of the reviews.


Goldbroker has also been mentioned a lot of times in media during it’s years. Below are some of the big news organizations that have mentioned Goldbroker and it’s way of conducting business in the physical precious metals industry. Do you think a news organization like Reuters would recommend Goldbroker if they weren’t sure of their professionalism?



Goldbroker has been focusing on selling precious metals in bigger quantities. This guarantees that their customers get the most amount of metal for their dollars. If you buy a 100 ounce gold bar, the price per ounce will be cheaper than if you buy a 1 ounce bar (obvious, right? The more you buy the cheaper it gets).

Because they are only involved in bigger quantities there is a minimum threshold of $5000 to invest. If you do not want to invest that much you should check out how you can open up a FREE gold savings account.

The products that Goldbroker sells are of the highest industry quality. The purity is of at least 99.9% and comes from the worlds most trusted refineries. All products sold by Goldbroker comes from refineries with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) stamp and are Good Delivery gold.

1 ounce PAMP lady fortuna

1 ounce PAMP Lady Fortuna

To have a LBMA stamp you have to follow the highest standards for your precious metals. Having a LBMA stamp is a very big deal in the precious metals community and it means that the gold from the refinery has the highest quality. You can read more about LBMA refineries and Good Delivery if you like.

Goldbroker offers both gold bars and gold coins. The gold bars comes in sizes 1 ounce, 100 grams or 1 kilogram. The coins comes in rolls of ten 1 ounce coins. You have a lot of products in these sizes to choose between. All with different designs.

Goldbroker also offers silver in both bars and coins. The bars come in sizes 1 kilogram, 100 ounces or 1000 ounces and their coins are 1 ounce coins that come in boxes of 200, 250, 450 or 500.

At Goldbroker you can also buy Palladium and Platinum. So this is your one and only stop for all your precious metals needs.


One of the biggest headaches that I had when I first started to invest in gold online was: How will I pay for my gold? When you buy from your local coin shop you just pay right on spot for your gold. Online it’s a little bit trickier, but in today’s day and age it is very simple to pay for goods and services online.

Goldbroker only accepts bank wire transfers. If this scares you a bit your not alone. My first time I was also very hesitant about this because it sounded like a lot of extra work. Why can’t I just pay with my credit card online?

After researching a bunch of gold dealers I saw that most of them only accepts bank wire transfers. The reason why is because a lot of the bullion dealers have to comply with anti money laundering laws. These laws make it a requirement to only accept bank wire transfers.

Once you have opened an account at Goldbroker you will get all of their bank information. Then you can either walk into your bank in person or transfer the money or through your online banking portal. This is actually very simple and shouldn’t be anything that scares you away from investing in gold.

This is what Goldbroker says about the security of their customers payments:

Before any transfer, a contract is signed between the investor and You are protected by this contract.

Your Goldbroker account is protected by secure cryptographic methods. Your transactions are safe and protected by a high-quality security system: Verisign.

Another issue that I had at first with bank wire transfer was that usually the banks take a very big fee for you to transfer money like that. Fortunately Goldbroker accepts, which let’s you only pay about 10% of the bank fee’s. Talk to the customer support at Goldbroker and they will help you with this.

Shipping or Storage

big vault

Store your gold in a highly secured storage vault with full insurance and no third party risk.


Goldbroker has a really cool thing where you can store your physical gold in highly secure vaults. You can choose between 4 different vaults in either New York, Toronto, Zurich (Switzerland) or Singapore.

When you store your gold in these vaults you receive a storage certificate. A storage company cannot issue a storage certificate unless the indicated quantities of gold or silver are physically present in their vault.

This is very important because that means that you personally own the gold without any third party risk. Even if Goldbroker or the storage vault would go bankrupt the physical gold is in your name and is your asset. Therefore you would just get your gold back.

This is not any ”shared gold allocation” that you get from a lot of other companies. When you buy a bar from Goldbroker and store it in one of their vaults you get your own bar with a unique serial number. This means that if you call up the storage company 5 years later and want your gold back, you get the exact same bar as the one your bought.

Your physical gold is fully insured by the storage company. You can ask the storage company to send you pictures of your gold and you can also arrange to personally visit the vaults and see your gold. How exciting isn’t that?

Whenever you want, you can arrange to personally come and pick up your gold up or get the storage company to ship the gold to you. In a time where people are afraid of storing their gold at home for numerous reasons this is a very good option.


armored truch

For investments over $250,000 they transfer it in armored vehicles. How professional isn’t that?

If you want personal possession of your gold that is no problem. Goldbroker ships their gold worldwide with highly secured shipments. Every shipment is fully insured and if you purchase over $250,000 worth of metals it will be shipped in an armored vehicle.

If you live in the United States you can take advantage of FREE shipping. This is very rare in the gold community and was a big selling point for me. That means that the price you see for a bar on their website is what you will pay. Doesn’t get easier than that.

International shipping will be based on the weight and the final destination. Contact their customer support before to get an estimate of how much it will cost. Their rates are very competitive and the cheapest that I’ve seen. The minimum amount they ship is 1 ounce of gold or 100 ounces of silver.

Pick it up yourself

If you do not want to store your gold in a secure vault or ship it to you then you can just arrange with Goldbroker to come pick your gold up. Contact them to arrange for this and you will pick it up at one of their offices or vaults.

This way you have no insurance though so I would recommend that you ship it with Goldbroker instead. But at least you have the option. This is what’s great with Goldbroker. There is an option for almost everything. It’s the one and only stop for investing in precious metals.


woman on phone for support

At Goldbroker you have 24/7 support by a very knowledgeable support team.

Goldbroker has a tremendous support. I have been investing in gold for a long time and I had some very tough questions for their support staff. They answered them all directly and showed an enormous knowledge in the gold market. This was also a huge plus for me. I want to deal with people that really know what their talking about.

If you have any questions make sure you contact their support staff and they will gladly help you. You can contact them either through phone, live chat or by email. Once you have set up your account you also have the possibility for secure encrypted messaging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the support staff for any of your questions. They will answer all of them and guide you towards your gold investing career.

Also if you have any questions that you do not want to ask their support staff please leave a comment below and I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Like I’ve said many times now. I have been investing in gold for a very long time and I have never found a more professional and well rounded precious metals dealer.

Security and comfort for their customers is one of the cornerstones in their business which is really good for gold investing. When you invest in gold you are searching for security outside of the banking system. So it only makes sense that your gold dealer cares about security as well, right?

Don’t be afraid to try out the secure storage vaults. I have personally tried it and it really is as good as it sounds.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Goldbroker review and that I have answered a lot of the common questions regarding investing in gold online.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or contact me personally if you want some more information. Me, as well as Goldbroker support team, is here to make your gold investing as secure and painless as possible.

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  1. Would you recommend this as a solid, long-term business? I mean it seems so, but what are the risks? I started reading about it, but I’m curious.

    • Hi Julius.

      Not to sure what you mean with a long term solid business. There is not really a business with owning gold. It is more to protect your wealth and I also think that the gold price will skyrocket very soon.

      Have a look at why you should invest in gold where I go over my top 3 reasons for why you should invest in gold today. You can see gold as your personal savings that can never disappear. Gold has held it’s value for over 5000 years. It has seen floods, wars, economic collapses, empires falling and so on and still kept it’s value.

      So this will be your safe haven so you always have money. No matter what happpen.


  2. This is a very nice site and I love especially the information on it, this has me thinking maybe I must start investing in gold. I will give it some more thought and check back on your site when I am ready.

    • Hi Filichia and thanks for the comment.

      Thank you very much. I love to tell people about the importance of owning some gold today. There is an economic collapse bigger then the one 2008 coming and gold will be the thing protecting you and your wealth.

      Have a look at why you should invest in gold where I go over my top 3 reasons for why everybody should own some gold. Also just leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions about gold investment.


  3. Owning gold is so cool, whats the benefits of owning gold does it increase with time or is more of like a stock market format, were it goes up and down?

    • Hi Steven.

      Yeah there is nothing like holding a gold bar in your hand. He who owns gold always have money. Gold has been a symbol of wealth for over 5000 years and still is today.

      Gold prices goes up and down as well but if you look at gold prices long term they are going straight up. 1971 the price of gold was $35 for an ounce and today it is $1300 an ounce. Yes there has been ups and down in between but for the long term it is a very safe and stable investment.

      You should have a look at my page about why you should invest in gold where I go over my top 3 reasons for why you should own some gold.


  4. I never thought buying gold could be easy! I’m definitely thinking of Goldbroker now.
    I’ve invested in stocks before, but gold is new territory for me. I’m currently reading around your site, and it’s like a whole new world of opportunity.
    Do you recommend Goldbroker to someone who has a lot of investments in stocks? How much success have you had in gold so far?
    Thanks for your information Marcus! You’ve got a great thing going here. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Mohammad. Very excited that I opened up a whole new world for you. Have a look at Why you should invest in gold where I go over the reasons why it is so important that everybody own some physical gold.

      Owning stocks right now is to risky for me. The markets are completely detached from reality and the stock market is just pumped up by the federal reserve and I believe this stock market bubble will collapse again shortly.

      I’ve had tremendous amount of success in gold investing. I started to invest in gold for 10 years ago when the price was around $500 an ounce and today it is around $1300 an ounce. And I haven’t had to spend any time on it like you do with stocks. Once I have bought some gold I just put it aside and watch it go up in price.

      Gold is the number one performing asset this year and is up around 20%. If stocks work for you then keep on doing it but just remember what happened 2000 and 2008. The same thing will happen again but this time I think it will be way worse. The stock market is overvalued and will correct itself at one point.

      Thanks for reading and just comment or contact me if you have any questions about gold.

  5. Precious metals should be a part of every investor’s portfolio. I have owned gold off and on since the 80’s when gold made the first big run up to over $800 an ounce. With that said, investors should have a balanced portfolio. Those just starting out should focus on creating a cash reserve first. Then go into different investments.

    • Hi Glen, thanks for your comment.

      Wow that must have been an exciting time when gold went from $100 an ounce to over $800 in one year. I think we will see the same type of rally (probably even bigger) in the very near future.

      I totally agree that you should have a balanced portfolio and you should have around 20% of your investments in physical gold. Saving up cash and stay liquid can be a good thing but I also believe that because our central bankers and governments are printing an enormous amount of money today they value of cash (dollars) will continue to go down.

      Cash under the mattress today might be the worst investment because every year you will see inflation eating up your wealth. The US dollar has lost 98% of it’s purchasing power since 1913 and it will loose the last 2 percent soon.

      But like I said, your right in holding cash to stay liquid if something happens in the world and you can’t get a hold of your money. Then you need something to buy food and other necessities.

      Thanks for your comment and I strongly advise you to continue investing in gold. The economic system that we have today is not sustainable and gold will protect you from the coming economic storm.


  6. Great post really informative, when First looking into investing in gold is there a lot of money to be made in the short term, or would I have to wait a few years and sit on my investment and if so what kind of profits can you look to earn over that time

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your comment.

      It’s hard to say exactly what the price of gold will be in the short term. You can have a look at my gold price forecast for where I think it will go and there I go over some of the factors that can drive the price through the roof.

      But for the long term the price is just going straight up. Gold has gone from around $250 for an ounce to $1300 in the past 15 years. You don’t have to do anything more then invest in some gold and sit on it and watch it go up in price.

      I do think that we will see a huge move upwards in the gold price very soon which I go over in my forecast. The most important thing is to put some of your money into physical gold so that you are protected from the economic storm that is coming. Gold have protected people’s wealth for over 5000 years and it will do it again.


  7. Hi Marcus,
    Great review, I’ve never held of Goldbroker, sounds like a very reputable organisation. I’ve always invested in property which has been fairly good, however the capital gains here are not as good as they once were. Out of interest, how much investment gain would I get with gold…say I invested $5000 US what returns would I get in 12 months, 5 years etc?

    • Hi Murray.

      Thanks for your comment. Investing in property is a good idea if you ask me. There is a big difference compared to gold. There is no yield on gold. So just by buying gold you won’t get a return of investment in the same way. But gold is the number 1 performing asset so far this year (2016) and it’s up in price 21%. So if you would have bought gold in december you can say that your ROI is around 20%.

      I don’t suggest that people put all of their money into gold because there is no cashflow with gold. It’s a safe investment, a hedge against inflation and personally I think that gold will skyrocket in price soon and outperform any investment vehicle on the planet.

      You should read my long term gold price forecast to see how high I think the price of gold can go.

      Also check out the Why You Should Invest In Gold that goes over the reasons for why you should own gold even though there is no yield on owning it.


  8. Hi, this is very useful information thank you. My family are from South Africa so we buy our local Gold mostly in coins, and always from a coin shop. We have been looking into buying larger quantities and buying on line could be an option. Will definitely be looking into Goldbroker.

    • Hi Yasmin.

      Thanks for your comment and AWESOME that you and your parents are buying physical gold. That is the number one thing. Then where you get it from is number two.

      Personally I have always found that it is cheaper to buy online because your local coin shop needs to pay for rent and other expenses that needs to be covered by their profits. But if it’s working for you guys then keep doing it.

      But yeah, if you decide to purchase gold online and in bigger quantities I highly recommend goldbroker. There are so many options and their support is excellent.


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