1. this Karabat itself is just great to be mentioned. Money will remain the same as inflation goes up continuously. Gold investing is much more valuable and what is more interesting is the staff itself will help you to buy the gold. Really good services. Is this program available for people in Singapore?

    • Thanks for the comment Reyner.

      Yes this is a company that will help you with getting exposed to the gold market in smaller denominations. Buying gold today is hard because it’s very expensive. With Karatbars you can invest in as little as 1 gram at a time and that way accumulate great wealth in gold.

      Yes you can certainly open an account in Singapore. We have a lot of people on our team that’s from Singapore. Contact me and I will give you a contact in Singapore where you can get all of your questions answered that are specific to Singapore.


  2. Its really hard for me to trust these sites that offer money in exchange for physical gold I can’t see. Its like I buy gold to be safe, in case paper money becomes worthless but not being able to see the gold is less safe so I feel it kind of defeats the purpose. But if this company has a huge secure vault in Germany I suppose it’s a bit safer in their hands than mine.

    • Thanks for your comment Matt.

      I can definitely see your concerns. I was also a little bit concerned when I started with Karatbars. The best thing with Karatbars is that your gold savings account is actually FUNDED with physical gold. A lot of those other companies don’t buy gold every time you send them some paper.

      Then they store this gold in a secure vault in Germany meaning that you always have gold to your name. Have a look at my Karatbars Review to see a full talk about how it works with Karatbars.


  3. This is very intriguing. I have long been a proponent of going back to a gold backed currency and this could be my way of doing so personally. I will certainly be checking out your other articles here about it and seeing if it feels right for me. I really like the aspect that they put the actual gold in my box right away. Also the third party use to keep everything on the up and up is great too.

    • Thanks for your comment James.

      Yes, going back to a gold standard would be absolutely amazing for the people. This way the government can’t go as deep into debt as they are today. Banks could not make these crazy loans that are inflating a housing bubble for example.

      In fact we were on a gold standard all the way up until 1971 when president Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard. Gold has been money for around 2800 years in history.

      What we are on today is called a fiat currency. What that means is that the paper notes in your pocket isn’t backed up by anything. There has been around 4000-5000 fiat currencies in recorded history. They all have one thing in common – The ALL went to ZERO. Became worthless. This usually happens between 40-50 years if you use history as a guide. Today we are 45 years into a fiat currency. Hold gold to protect you from this coming collapse in our paper currency.

      Please let me know if I can help you out with anything. I have been investing in gold for a very long time and I have been helping people for around 8 of those years to get exposed to the gold market themselves.


  4. I have always wanted to invest in Gold. Thanks for the information, Is this restricted to certain countries or can i as a Canadian get an account as well?

    • Thanks for the comment Dan.

      Gold has always been a great source to invest in. I see gold more as money than just an investment. Gold has been money for around 2800 years and we went off the gold standard in 1971. At that time the price for one ounce was 35 dollars, today we are at 1300 dollars. Imagine doing that investment.

      Yes you can certainly get an account in Canada. In fact Karatbars is well established in Canada today. We have around 20.000 people in Canada that has opened a Gold savings account. Please contact me if your interested and I will tell you all there is to know. I’m personally in Canada with a gold account.


  5. I’m always looking for ways to diversify and save. Like you say putting the money in the bank, give you no incentives. Placing it in stocks can be very risky… Gold seem like a great option. I found the article very interesting.
    Since it’s a German company, can anybody invest? What should one think of when it comes to taxes? Do you pay that in your own country on the gain when taken out or how does that work?

    Great article, you gave me something to really think about,


    • Hi Vicky and thanks for your comment.

      Yeah your absolutely right. Because putting your money in stocks would be investing and not saving. Because you can wake up one day and all of your money is gone because of a stock market collapse, look at what happened 2008.

      History says that every 2-9 years we have a recession where you can lose a lot of your money over night. I had a lot of money in the stock market in 2008 and lost around 50% over night. After that I told myself to never be exposed like this again.

      That being said I’m not suggesting that a person should have all of their equity in gold because you get no yield there either. But every healthy portfolio should have at least 20% of their equity in physical gold. This is your savings, money that can never disappear because of a market event that you can’t control.

      Yes everybody can still invest. Karatbars is currently in around 124 countries with the mission to be in all of the 194 countries in the world. Karatbars is already well established in both Canada and US.

      With taxes it depends on where you are from. A lot of countries don’t have any capital gains taxes on investment gold but talk to your tax advisor about that.


  6. Hey Marcus. Great post, by the way. I took the decision earlier this year that it would be a great idea, in light of current economical turmoil, to diversify some of my assets, and part of this diversification was a foray into physical gold. I figure that economies and currencies rise and fall on the whim of those in charge at the time, but gold is a safe bet, and has been for thousands of years.

    • Thanks for that amazing comment Anthony.

      I’m very pleased that you decided to start investing in gold. You’re so right in that economies fall and rise but gold is always constant and is a safe bet and it has always been.

      To have some of your assets in physical gold is for me a must in these current economic times.



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